Methods For Bee And Wasp Removal In The Winter

Methods For Bee And Wasp Removal In The Winter

Pests like bees and wasps are highly active in the summer. But have you ever thought about what happens to them in winter? Well, in winter the cold is unbearable. Due to these harsh climatic conditions, the wasps would hibernate and would then become lethargic. Humans who have a wasp infestation in their areas need to concentrate on removing them in winter. This is the best time for bee and wasp removal.

  1. In winter you can spray the pesticide on the wasp nest to get rid of them

Wasps are aggressive in summers. But in winters they become quite lethargic and hence you can get rid of them the way you want. The best way to remove them from your premise is just to spray some pesticide on them. They would not want to come out due to harsh weather conditions. They would then die within the best.

  1. Set up wasp deterrent traps

In many places, you will see that it is so cold that wasps would die on their own. All they need is warmth in your home and hence you can avoid them to become comfortable. You can set up wasp deterrent traps around your area so that the wasps and bees do not get entry. This is one of the preventive solutions. If you put such traps in the area where the nest is, you can easily get ahead with pest removal.

  1. Try a glass wasp trap for winters

If you have a few wasps in your home in winter, then you don’t have to think much. This is because you can easily handle a few without many problems. They anyway have low energy in the winter season. That’s the reason why you can use the glass trap for the winter and this would include a glass jar having sugar syrup. It should have some liquid detergent too in it. This will be the trap for the lethargic wasps.

  1. Call for the wasp inspection

In winters the wasps are not active and might be hibernating. You must find out where they are located. If you can’t do that then you should call up the pest Inspection company. This will assist you ahead for bee and wasp removal.

  1. Preventive pest control

You can also get ahead with preventive pest control solutions. This can help in making the task simple. If you have a pest control company in your hands then bee and wasp removal will not be as tough.


You must understand what kind of nests the wasps would make and in which season they do what. With all these details, you will be able to find the best solutions. So, keep an eye on how you need to take things to the right place. Wasps can give you a hard time in warmer months especially when they are quite active. You should use different strategies for summer. As far as winters are concerned, these solutions will be the best as mentioned above.